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A miserable existence at the lowest rung in life is not for you! Armed with only your own two hands and unshakeable determination, you won't stop until you reach the top.

Slaughter your way through a procedurally generated corporate building, weaponizing furniture, staplers and burnt toast, as well as more questionable contraptions, like the scammer and the quitter, to reach your goal.

As you defeat the weird and murderous denizens of the building your salary and power increases, while the experience gets steadily more unsettling. Other realities start seeping through the cracks of both your strained psyche and the office landscape around you, as you ascend the skyscraper toward the showdown with the final boss.

Will you dominate the leaderboards by mastering the tower and taking down the boss, or will you end up face down in the gutter again?


Workaholic steam.zip 105 MB


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Did not get the jobkills everyone at the office :/


I like